Wellesley Youth Baseball & Softball

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Jr. Raider U10 Travel Team (click HERE to register)

WYBS intends to run up to 2 select teams (Red & Black depending on registration numbers) comprised of the top 20 – 25 WYBS players for the incoming 10U age group to serve as a pilot program in the 23/24 season. Rosters will not exceed 14 players per team. These teams will play in competitive travel leagues during the Spring and workout collectively as a group during the Fall & Winter. The program is designed to complement the existing WYBS seasons (fall, spring & summer) by providing kids with a higher level of interest in developing their all-around skills and knowledge of the game, as well as a desire to play with like-minded and skilled players looking for a more robust baseball experience similar to what you would find in a private club/travel baseball program.

Coaches will be volunteer, with the exception of hiring professionals to help with strength & conditioning and/or specific skill building as desired.

The goals of the program would be as follows:

  • Providing Wellesley kids an opportunity to play more competitive baseball in/around Wellesley
  • Developing a camaraderie amongst players at their individual age group and preparing them to play competitively in Middle School and High School
  • Develop their baseball fundamentals and skills, again preparing them for higher level baseball as they get older
  • Above all else, teaching them to play the game the RIGHT way on and off the field...with sportsmanship and respect for all involved
  • Winning games and championships will only be a bi-product or secondary goal of all listed above and should not be placed with equal or greater priority in any circumstance.

Jr. Raiders will not be a replacement for WYBS, and all Jr. Raiders will be required to take part in Spring WYBS baseball at a minimum (Fall ball participation is also strongly encouraged).

WYBS will hold an objective tryout in the late summer/early fall if needed to determine the enrollment and makeup of it’s Red & Black (provided there is enough interest) teams for the following year. Roster spots are not guaranteed year to year and must be earned each season. WYBS will do everything it can to accommodate any player that wishes to participate, but there may be circunstances that will require to have to cut players. 

A fee of ~$1,250 will cover the costs of the Fall Scrimmages & Practices, Winter Workout & Training program, Spring Travel Teams, as well as personalized uniforms and equipment.


Jr. Raiders Season Schedule

Fall Schedule: September 5th – October 31st

TBD Weeknight

Jr. Raiders may opt to play Fall Baseball in-town with other independent teams, will practice with those respective teams, and games will be Saturday mornings per the typical fall ball schedule

In addition, the Jr. Raiders team will come together once per week during a weekday evening to either practice or play a scrimmage game (to not interfere with other Fall Sports activities i.e. Soccer, Football, etc)

This will serve as the first opportunity for the team to practice together and work together as they begin preparing for the upcoming Spring Season. The instruction will help the individual prepare both for the Spring Travel games they will play as Jr. Raider, as well as for competing individually as part of a WYBS Majors or Minors team.

There is a possibility to enroll the team in a fall tournament if desired


Winter Workout Schedule: November 14th – March 30th

TBD weekday evenings

Evening Nights 6pm – 8pm. Days/times to be determined based on best options for team attendance

Each week will rotate between Strength & Conditioning & Baseball Skills development

Strength & Conditioning – Age-appropriate Strength & Conditioning w/trained professional instructor. Focus will be on dynamic movement and introducing the player to the concepts of developing a strong body & mind.

Baseball Skills - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Baserunning with WYBS coaches

1 Week break for Thanksgiving, 2 Week Christmas Break off from December 26th – January 8th, 1 Week break for Feb Vacation Week

The instruction will help the individual prepare both for the Spring Travel games they will play as Jr. Raider, as well as for competing individually as part of a WYBS Majors or Minors team.


Spring Schedule: April 1 – June 15th

Monday/Wednesday/Friday if Minors OR Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday if Majors

Jr. Raiders will go play either Majors or Minors Spring Season, will practice with their respective teams, and games will be during the week either Mon/Wed for Minors or Tues/Thurs/Saturday Nights for Majors

Jr. Raiders will additionally compete in a Spring Travel league on Friday nights, very limited practices will be held during the spring to accommodate for the already busy schedule (games, Spring team practices, etc)

This will result in 14 - 15 Regular Season WYBS games + Playoffs for up to around 18 – 20 games, plus an additional 7 – 10 Spring Travel games. Additional practices will take place throughout the season, mostly with their individual WYBS teams, but some limited Jr. Raiders practices may be scheduled from time to time.

There is a possibility to enroll the team in a spring tournament if desired


Summer Schedule: June 15th – Early August

While this program will not include Summer Travel Baseball, Jr. Raiders will have the option to additionally compete in a Summer Travel league throughout the summer in the SYBL or other local league and compete in local summer tournaments, or may opt to take the summer off. The summer team may include additional WYBS players who were not part of the Jr. Raiders program, but have tried out for the Summer team.

The team will practice together periodically throughout the summer, mainly ahead of the game schedule

Summer Travel Baseball will end in early August and give everyone the rest of the summer off until we re-convene after Labor Day to start the next “season” of workouts.

The summer schedule typically results in approximately 12 games, plus 1 tournament (3+ games), and a handful (3-5) of practices